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Charles Cui 崔元

  Ph.D. Student in Computer Science

  Northwestern University

  Pronouns: He/Him

  charlescui [at] u [dot] northwestern [dot] edu

Previously, I received my B.A. at Oberlin College in 2020, where I was fortunate to be mentored by Jack Calcut, Ben Linowitz, and Sam Taggart. I also studied abroad at Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. I spent my first 11 years in Inner Mongolia until moving to Beijing, where I met my life-long family of teachers and friends at 志成中学. I also lived in D.C. and Cleveland for 2.5 years before college.

My four years at Oberlin College left precious and indelible traces in my life. I will always cherish this tight-knit community woven together with love and compassion. It nurtured my heart and changed me in many fundamental ways. There was never a lack of passion for intellectual adventures. I have met mentors and friends who inspired me to grow, showed me to be courageous, and beyond all, loved me and taught me how to love. Therefore, I'm a strong advocate of the small liberal arts college education. I'm currently serving as a Class Ambassador to help fundraise for the Oberlin Annual Fund.