food recs

I like eating and making food, and I invest quite a bit of my leisure time on both. I’m a picky eater because it’s rare for me to say “I really enjoyed it.” At the same time, I’m not a picky eater in that I would still eat whatever’s on the table (with high probability).

All of the restaurants listed here are places I like, and I have visited many of them multiple times. There are way more restaurants I’ve tried but didn’t like, but I choose not to present them here.

Some people factor service and vibes into their restaurant ratings, but my ratings are about the food itself. Ratings are from 1 to 3, and below is a rough description of what each score means.

  • 3: It is worth spending a longe time getting there and waiting just for the food.
  • 2: Somewhere between 1 and 3.
  • 1: If you happen to be close, it’s a good spot to try.

What to order at a restaurant is crucial in making helpful food recs. You can find that in the tables below.

Disclaimer: My taste is defined by my own experiences with food and perhaps some genetics as well. The recommendations and reviews below are highly personal and biased, as they should be.


Name Rating Type What to Order Neighborhood
Qiaolin Hotpot 3 Hotpot hotpot Chinatown
Green Street Smoked Meats 2 American BBQ ribs Fulton Market
Carnitas Uruapan Restaurant 2 Mexican pork Pilsen
Imperial Restaurant 1 Dim Sum tbd Chinatown
Siam Noodle & Rice Restaurant 1 Thai basil duck Uptown
Falafel & Grill 1 Mediterranean chicken sharwarma Wicker Park
Kabul House Restaurant 1 Afghan lamb kabob, beef filet shish skewer, afghan rice Evanston

San Francisco Bay Area

Name Rating Type What to Order Neighborhood
Mrs. Khan Uyghur Cuisine 2 Uyghur chicken korma, lamb skewers Menlo Park
Zareen’s 2 Pakistani, Indian grilled chicken boti sizzler, lamb gosht Palo Alto
Tai Wu 2 Dim Sum tbd Millbrae
Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant & Bar 1 Jamaican oxtail, shrimp curry Palo Alto
Ramen Nagi 1 Ramen ramen, karaage Palo Alto
La Taqueria 1 Mexican burrito (beef, beef tongue, beef head) SF - Mission

New York

Name Rating Type What to Order Neighborhood
Nurlan Uyghur Restaurant 2 Uyghur big plate chicken, lamb skewers Flushing
Angel 2 Indian goat dum biryani Jackson Heights
Uyghur Restaurant 2 Uyghur big plate chicken, anything with lamb Midtown
The Soul Spot 1 Soul goat curry, fried chicken Downtown Brooklyn
Zerda 1 Middle Eastern chicken sharwarma Downtown Brooklyn
Cho Dang Gol 1 Korean seafood tofu soup Midtown
Pip Pio 7 1 Peruvian chicken Midtown
Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote 1 French only one thing on the menu: steak and fries Midtown East
Mei Lai Wah 1 Cantonese dim sum Chinatown


Name Rating Type What to Order Neighborhood
King Restaurant & Bar 3 Chinese, Cantonese steamed fish fillet steamed oyster in shell, spicy salt & pepper pork chop, choy sym with garlic Ala Moana
Hale’iwa Bowls 1 Acai, Smoothie blue majik bowl North Shore